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Frequently Asked Questions

Why run an organized race?
Some run races because they love to run in new places.  An organized event offers the benefit of a measured, well-marked course with plenty of support from aid stations and course volunteers.  Some do it for the camaraderie of being with other runners (quality time with people who don’t think you’re strange).  Others sign up so that they have a specific event to train for and then test themselves on the course to see how they are progressing in their training.  Lots of people run for the shirt, sport towel, medal or just the bragging rights!


I am a very slow runner.  Am I going to be out of place?
You won't be out of place at all!  The Subaru Bayshore Race welcomes participants of all abilities - including walkers.


Can I wear earbuds?
Yes, but please keep the volume at a safe level so that you can hear other runners and instructions from event personnel. We also ask that you remove at least one earbud when coming to aid stations, in a large crowd or on more technical or difficult sections of the course. The important thing is paying attention to everyone's safety and maintaining basic race etiquette with other runners.


Can my dog run with me?
For the safety of your pet and other runners, dogs are not allowed on course during the race. Your dog cannot let you know if it is hot or thirsty and while running in close proximity to others, the leash will be a trip hazzard. By all means, bring your dog along and it can cheer you on from the sidelines with your family and friends!


If I am not a runner can I still participate?
We encourage runners, joggers and walkers of all shapes, sizes and abilities to come out and join us. 

How do I register?
Register online at RaceRoster.com after registration has opened.  You may also download and mail the registration form or register in person at Runners’ Den in Owen Sound.  Please note that free swag will only be eligible to those who register before July 19, 2020.


Where and when can I pick up my race packet?
Advance packet pickup is available at Runners’ Den, 801 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound - Friday, August 23 - Saturday, August 24 from 9:00am and 6:00pm.  You can also register for the race at Runners’ Den those days.


How far is a half marathon?
A half marathon is 21.1k or 13.1 miles.  10k equals 6.2 miles.  5k is 3.1 miles.


Who does the race benefit?
The Subaru Bayshore Race benefits the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation.  For additional information, please visit: oshfoundation.ca.

Can I push a stroller?  
Runners and walkers may push strollers but must start at the back of the pack.

What is the weather cancellation policy?
Races will proceed unless there is active lightning in the area or the course is closed by the City of Owen Sound.  In the event of a cancellation, entry fees will be considered a donation to the Hospital Foundation.

How many people will take part in the Subaru Bayshore Race?
We expect 600+ participants and 70+ volunteers.

When will race results be available? 
Early race results will be available approximately ½ hour after the first runner has crossed the finish line. Complete results will be posted here and at Enfield Timing within one week of the race.

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